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After hearing a lot of buzz about going to hair salons, getting new cuts, colors, manicures, and massages, and walking out feeling completely gorgeous and totally pampered, I was intrigued to know what all the fuss was really about. I have never been a glitzy kind of girl, mostly wearing make up only if I have to, and living in jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes. The glamorous life was for the women in magazines, movie premiers, and music videos, and I certainly couldn't compare to that. I would always be the girl that dreamed of walking down the strip of South Beach, rocking the Best Miami Hair Extensions, a fresh mani and pedi, looking and feeling like a million bucks. I am such a newbie at the whole salon experience that I can count on one hand how many times I have had a cut and shampoo done by a professional!

  Not wanting to tip my hand, I sure couldn't ask the PTO Moms who made them beautiful, as where I live that is considered taboo. No one goes to the same stylist, or admits to it anyway, so I knew my chances of getting a good recommendation was out of the question. When you find someone who gives you the Best Miami Hair Extensions money can buy, in the middle of Corn Country Indiana, you do not share that secret! That is when I turned to my own secret weapon, the internet. I would find someone to make me over into the woman of my dreams, even if it killed me.

  My first question may seem somewhat silly, but it is what it is. How much am I looking at spending to get the new me I so desperately want? I mean, my eyes bulge at the cost of a shampoo, cut, and blow dry. I nearly had a fit when my childrens grandmother spent fifty dollars on each girl to get a hair cut with highlights. How many hours on my minimum wage job will I need to dedicate to just changing my appearance? A bigger question yet, is, will it really be worth it? Am I so displeased with my real looks that I am willing to spend hard earned money on the Best Miami Hair Extensions to change them, even temporarily? Upon researching the cost, I figure I can plan to spend a pretty penny to be pretty me, if I so choose.

  With the price and different image issues at bay, I guess my second most pressing question has to be, why am I wanting this change so bad? I am a forty year old woman, who still has a fairly youthful face, my nails grow very well on their own, my hair is longer, reaching the middle of my back on its own, able to be cut, colored, highlighted, or permed. I am not sick, losing my hair due to illness or treatments, and I do not suffer from thinning hair. I do not perform on any kind of grand scale, or even work outside of the home for that matter. Most of the stated reasons for getting the Best Miami Hair Extensions do not even apply to me, so why then, is it now a pressing matter for me to experience the feel of the glamorous life? Whatever, the driving force, I refuse to fall into the old 'it is a mid life crisis' cliche. I will chalk it up to peer pressure first. Damn you PTO Moms and real housewives everywhere!

  After deciding I am willing to pay for, and fall in love with a new look, and knowing I am doing it for the right reasons, and not to keep up with the Joneses, or to cure some middle aged itch, I now needed to know how to find my very own beauty salon artist. In a small town full of jealous women, you must be careful about whom you choose to do business with. I was in no way itching to be the town mockery, because some woman might think my make over was to good. I needed someone with expertise and extensive training working with the Best Miami Hair Extensions. If I was willing to commit my time, money, and head of hair to this very new adventure, I was positive I wanted a pro working for me.

  I was beginning to wonder, if I had to put in this much time just researching a new me, and a professional way to get that new me, how long would this whole procedure take, and is it going to hurt? Are we talking a three hour tour with shoes pinching my toes, or a full day cruise on a rocking boat feeling extreme nausea the entire time? Being the betting gal I am, I would put money down that I will be subjecting my scalp to an entire day of someone tugging and pulling my hair in every direction except a comfortable one. If I remember right, my great grandma would have curlers rolled so tight in her hair she looked like she had a minor face lift, and she would say "Oh honey, beauty hurts, but it feels better when the curlers come out and the mirror smiles back at you". I hope she is right, and I can only pray that the Best Miami Hair Extensions I get bring me total satisfaction on the other side of the pain. I guess in a few days we shall see.

  I did my homework, and I found the perfect stylist to give me the Best Miami Hair Extensions that were a compatible match for me. A private consultation with a stylist gave me an opportunity to look over the various lengths, colors and textures of extensions available, get to know the stylist and her professional mannerisms, and ask any vital questions that were still on my mind, such as how to care for my new do, and how long my extensions will last before needing replaced.  Many factors go into changing your appearance and having an expert on your side, who knows the business well, can be a real saving grace. My advice is, if you want that mega change in your appearance, and took the time to reasearch your questions and desires, do not leave your major decisions in the hands of just anyone. Go all the way, enjoy the surprisingly fun pampering the salon offers, and strut your gorgeous new self out the door, looking and feeling like a million bucks!

Justin Allen, Extension King's founder and owner, Justin Allen, has over 10 years of hair experience and 8 years of doing Best Miami Hair Extensions.


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